I STAND WITH CAN, US… Deacon Femi Adekola

Instead of Prof. Ishaq Akintola and his MURIC to advise the government they love too much to stop the marginalisation against Christians and to apprehend criminals killing the innocent citizens, Oloyede in his usual manner is abusing CAN and the US. As long as the government sees nothing good in Christians or looks elsewhere while criminals are slaughtering them, CAN will not keep quiet. Lopsided appointments are too obvious to be disputed. Whereas during the Jonathan administration when JNI suspected that the Christians in the Confab outnumbered their Muslim counterparts, the Muslim leaders stormed the State House to protest, the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) did not condemn their action. So, why are they abusing and insulting the leadership of CAN for speaking the truth to power? Are Christians now inferior in their own country?
If appointments under President Buhari is based on party loyalty and support, what about the security that has collapsed under his watch? Till date, nobody has been brought to book for the genocide in Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, Taraba and Adamawa states. There is no kingpin of the terrorists who is in detention. And the targetted areas, by the terrorists and herdsmen killers, are predominant Christian communities. Those who were given mass burial are from which states? And instead of sanctioning those responsible, the government is not only justifying their criminalities but treating them with kid gloves. This is unprecedented in the history of this country.
All because the Christians are in the minority in the National Security council. Of all the newly promoted Police Commissioners, how many Christians are there? These actions are giving open invitation to war.
The government that begs the US government for fund, arms and ammunitions should be ready to be accountable to USA.
No amount of blackmail, vulgar abuse or intimidation can force the oppressed and the persecuted to keep quiet. The country belongs to all of us irrespective of our religious, political and tribal persuasions. I stand by the Christian Association of Nigeria and the US.

Deacon Femi Adekola



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