Nnamdi Kalu Send Letter To President Buhari Again Over Biafra Declaration (IPOB)

Dear President Buhari

I am writing to inform you that I am renouncing my Nigerian citizenship.

I am not Nigerian. I am Biafran. I lived in the country called “Nigeria” for 40 years. Nigeria, as you know, is a country that was created for the administrative convenience of our colonial power, Britain, in 1914. Nigeria is the forced amalgamation of different peoples, different religious groups, different customs and beliefs. Nigeria may have worked for the British but it doesn’t work for the peoples forced to be Nigerians. It does not, and never has, worked for the people of Biafra

The crimes of Empire are multiple, but surely the biggest crime of all was that, on independence, Africa was forced to retain those colonial boundaries imposed by Europeans. By accepting this post-Colonial settlement, African leaders became complicit in the oppression of Africa. Your determination to maintain the borders of Nigeria imposed by the British simply reinforces their dominion over us.


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