Women Should Allow Men To Stare At Their Chest To Ensure Long Life – German Scientist

Dr Karen Weatherby, a German scientist and a host of others who just concluded a research which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has revealed that staring at women’s bre.asts is healthy and also elongates the life span of men.

This study was carried out within a period of 5 years. It involves five hundred men, half of whom were instructed to stare at women’s bre.asts in a lustful manner for no less than 10 minutes every day while the other half were instructed to abstain from doing such.

The study however concluded that men who stared at chests more often, showed lower rates of heart problems, slower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure, all of which enable a healthy living and long life.

Therefore, men should stare at chest/br.easts for 10 minutes a day to improve the wellness of their hearts and live longer.


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