Primate Elijah Ayodele Reacts To Lagos Government Restrictions On Church Activities, Blasts Miracle Pastors

The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele has reacted to the restrictions of the Lagos state government on church activities over corona virus. The restrictions states that not more than 50 people should gather in a church or any kind of gathering.

Primate Elijah Ayodele in his reactions stated that it is important to follow the rules of the government because the government is taking measures to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread as much as it has but frowned at Pastors who have kept quiet over the issue.

He made it known that before now, so many pastors claim to be healers, they heal the sick, some claim to raise the dead, some claim to make the blind see, make the lame walk but everyone of them is scared because of Corona virus

‘’Whatever the government have done is very right but I am so disappointed in the pastors who say they heal all sort of sicknesses. They should have told the government to relax and get the healing power to heal people affected. Why are the pastors afraid, why are the pastors who can heal not coming out now to heal the people, the American pastors too, why can’t they go to where it is happening, why cant they ask God to give them the power to heal it. Pastors should stop lying, stop playing with people’s emotion on this. This is a very critical situation and the whole world has sinned against God, God knows about it and all we need to do is declare 3 days emergency prayer to battle it since everyone are afraid, even the world powerful countries, they can’t fight this war, it is time to submit our lives to God. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

I am disappointed in the men of God, we cant leave the gathering of God empty, we will abide by the rules but where are all the seers now? It means all the miracle we have been seeing is fake. I said it when this thing started that if care isn’t taken, it is will get to Africa and Nigeria but the government didn’t listen because we are not part of their ‘pastors’. May God help us, it is time to know that no pastor senior any pastor, God can send a small boy to you, all you need to do is to comply, if you refuse, we are going to see another terrible thing’’

He furthermore reinstated the fact that one solution which he knows and can vouch for is the water and anointing oil which God has asked him to prepare.

‘’I appreciate whatever the government has said but it is more than that, we need more prayers, let few people come to church, let them keep praying, we will regulate the crowd but the fact is it is more spiritual than medicinal. No doctor has any solution, one solution is know is the INRI Water and the anointing oil, its free of charge’’

It would be recalled that in March 2019, Primate Elijah Ayodele predicted the coming of a deadly virus in his annual book of prophecy titled Warning to All Nations (Pg 193)

In his words’There will be natural disaster in various region of the world, I forsee outbreak of diseases that will be an epidemic status, killings and attacked, world leaders will be trouble. Countries like china, America, UK will be looking for solution for such epidemic disaster’’

In October 2019, He stated during a live service in his church that God spoke to him that we should pray against a disease coming from China. God said we should pray for seven days to prevent the disease.

Also, God revealed the solution to him, which is the anointed water and oil which he says he is ready to give 10,000 of it to all affected countries.



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