Exposed: How Health Workers Force Patients To #30,000 Cash For COVID-19 Test At NCDC Approved Centres In Lagos.

Nigeria may be heading towards unavoidable catastrophe, if the nefarious activities of the Health Workers at Lagos COVID-19 Test Centres are not addressed and pepertrators brought to book.
This is because the Health Workers at the test centres are now collecting illegal and unreciepted money ranging from #30,000-#50,000 naira from suspected patients of coronavirus before conducting any test. This payment must be made in cash and no receipt is issued.
In an investigative report carried out by Newsreel International Magazine, the health workers have formed a cartel that will ensure that no Nigerian with symptoms of potential COVID-19 who came voluntarily or referred to them for test is attended to without making the cash payment.
Below is protest letter written by one of the victims:

“I am very displeased and disappointed at the way and manner my health is being treated.

On the 28th of March 2020, at about 12pm we got to the Nigeria Medical Research Institute in Yaba for Covid-19 test with the recommendation of my Cardiologist this was as a result of my health challenges.

I have been very ill with fever, cough and I experiencing lost of breath. On that day, I was very ill and I was gasping for breath when I got to the Centre. My husband and I were directed to the opposite building with few canopies and my husband approached one of the medical personnel who introduced himself as a Medical doctor in charge of receiving samples. He told us that the test will cost #30,000, we asked if we could pay with POS, he said he will go and find out from the accounts, however, this took a long time (45minutes) and when he eventually returned, he said we could only pay cash.

My husband left me outside the car park and went looking for ATM at Tejuosho market. After about an hour later, while my husband was still away to withdraw cash, the doctor in company of another female colleague of his took my details, and said they will take my samples after payment.

After keeping me under a tree in that very hot weather, they eventually took the #30,000 cash (no receipt) and took my samples. They promised to reach me within 24hours by telephone call and email with the test result.

As I send this message today Wednesday April 1st 2020, I am yet to receive any phone call or email from the Test center and I am yet to know result of my test.

It is very sad and unfortunate how we waste lives in this Country. Do you know that there were 4 other persons that came there on that day to take the same test, unfortunately they couldn’t take the test because they did not know they will be paying #30,000, they all eventually left there without taking the test.

I want my test result irrespective of the outcome as I need to be guided on possible treatment. Not knowing is worrisome and my family are all anxious about the test result. I am very concerned about the Nigeria factor playing in fighting this Pandemic because it seems only the lives of the rich and famous are valued while the common man is neglected”.

This same allegation of #30,000 payment was corroborated by a discharged patient who spoke on Channels Television(SunriseDaily) this morning, April 14, 2020.



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