Azuh Arinze’s Two New Books Of Remarkable Encounters Defy Covid 19 Pandemic, Begin Preliminary Journey To Homes and Libraries

Encounters: Lessons From My Journalism Career and SUCCESS IS NOT SERVED A LA CARTE are definitive works. They represent Azuh Arinze’s seal and final authority as an adventurous reporter who knows how to get the most out of an interview. Of interest also is the fact that the author’s earlier books equally draw substantially from interviews and short encounters with people from different backgrounds.
Sourcing writing materials this way, says a lot about Azuh’s evolving style and consistency as a writer who takes advantage of his interview opportunities to the fullest. Now, this author is even perceived in some quarters as a master of interviews because of his creativity and exploits. Apart from publishing a journal and a strong online medium that parade high profile interviews almost on a daily basis, interviews also inspired the author’s three previous books.

But unlike his earlier works, this new effort is a full course meal. For maximum effect, Azuh engages and interrogates his characters in an eager and animated manner. The author again, drills his interviewees and extracts from them, nearly all the tucked-away secrets of their business and social lives. In fact, he takes them on a journey that reveals details of the rough roads they travelled, the secrets of their achievements and why they are still standing.

However, the unmistakable proof of Azuh’s love for “high society”, a concept popularized by Nigeria’s celebrity reporters, is also evident. So, he shows us in living colours, the amazing world and extraordinary creations of Nigeria’s creative geniuses. He serves the reader, the very best of the adventures of our captains of industry, corporate titans, politicians and other distinguished actors from banking, broadcasting, insurance, advertising, aviation and entrepreneurship to communication, show business, music, literature, sports administration, law, journalism and philanthropy.
But the thread of Azuh’s narrative is diligence, every other thing rests squarely on this all pervading word. In fact, diligence connects the reader to the extraordinary lives of these great men and women who took on the world and conquered.

So, for young people or anyone for that matter seeking success, Encounters: Lessons From My Journalism Career and SUCCESS IS NOT SERVED A LA CARTE are must read books. They offer hope and for those just starting out, this is the book to read if they want to live the life they want.
These two books are great no doubt, but they would have been greater if the author had captured minority views. If we all agree with the compelling and conservative belief that prominent people are major news sources, then where are the voices of famous children and the physically challenged? If this is an oversight, then Azuh must be conscious of this slip, going forward, to avoid being labeled.

By: Sylvester Asoya



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