2021 Prophecy: There Shall Be A Sudden Political Vacuum At The National Leadership… Bishop Ajose

The President of Bishop Ajose Ministries International, Bishop Theophilus Taiwo Ajose has warned Nigerians to be prayerful to avert political upheaval resulting from sudden political leadership vacuum and another strange disease that may befall Nigeria this year.

The Director General of Social Security Outreach and Intergovernmental Relations of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN) Lagos State, in his ‘prophecies for the world’ under the annual Prophetic/Warfare Intercessor 2021 Year of Turnaround and Uncommon Manifestations, said there will be further economic hardship, biological affliction and sudden vacuum in the political sphere.
His statement, “The most complex and slippery nation in the world, Nigeria shall experience a lot of economic, political and social turbulence in 2021 more than in the last 30 years. The political leadership of Nigeria must engage in divine wisdom and get the nation praying more than ever before. A biological affliction shall arise in Nigeria which will compound the pandemic situation. This spring up from evil activities of world scientific powers who are bent on seeing Nigeria afflicted. However, this shall be nipped in the bud before it gets to an endemic or pandemic level.

“The Nigerian political class shall seek for a new political direction for the nation as there shall be a sudden vacuum in the political direction of the nation. The national leadership shall seek to reposition the nation and entrench a political ideology in order to stabilise the ship of the nation. Some wicked political actors and powers who are bent on destabilizing the nation and try to make the nation ungovernable shall be exposed and shall be made to face the long arm of the law. Some politicians shall be arrested for trying to subvert the peace and unity of the nation.”

For the economy, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Director of Strategy prophecied that, “More Nigerians shall enter into the poverty club as the Nigeria currency shall further slide unbearable low, more banks shall fold up or merge in order to stay in business. The Nigerian currency shall be devalued twice in 2021.

“Nigerians should reach out and engage in internal online business that require little physical inventories in order to earn more foreign currency or income which can help the Nigeria economy.”

Meanwhile, he noted that key personalities behind the devilish agenda of hosting the world hostage with the pandemic shall lose their lives and shall all be exposed for their evil deeds, adding that known and unknown names, including some heads of nations behind this international conspiracy shall meet their waterloo at the hand of the Almighty.

On the foreign scene, he mentioned that the United States of America, shall be engaged in internal political strife, disorder, riots and protests in the first and third quarters of 2021.

“Joe Biden, the President-elect of the USA should pray for his health in the first half of 2021. Incessant prayers should be made for him if he is not to lose his life by the second half of 2021.President Donald Trump should take time to seek the face of God in repentance and submission to the Almighty God. The Lord still has assignments for him, but he has to make himself fit for the Master’s use,” he stated.

Regarding Russia and USA, the executive of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), urged restraint and decorum between the two nations in order not to bring the world into another level of economic and political downturn.

Ajose, underlined that 2021 would be laced with the sudden change in climatic and atmospheric conditions in the world that shall affect the time zones and length of day.

He added that the United Kingdom shall experience great recession immediately after its divorce from the European Union.

“The British Pound Sterling shall face a major decline in value and relevance. The UK shall also experience social unrest in the first half of 2021 due to economic downturn and insurgent activities.”



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