“You’re A Silent Achiever” Hon. Kikelomo Delano Describes Gov. Dapo Abiodun

Hon.Chief Mrs.Kikelomo Tawakalitu Aridunnu Delana was born and grew up in Ifo, She attended Anwarudeen Primary School , proceeded to Ikenne for her secondary school, thereafter to the Lagos State College of Science & Technology for advance studies. She however gained admission to the University of Ibadan to study Agricultural Science. She was the former Secretary, Ifo Local Government Ogun State, Nigeria..She equally jostled for the Federal House of Representatives on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019.
Also, she contested for the chairmanship slot of Ifo Local Government on several occasions, although, she won but the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) rigged her out.

Meanwhile, she is vying for the chairmanship slot in Ifo Local Government in the up coming LGs election in the Gateway State and having been tested, and trusted, she has been found reliable and dependable. The coast is getting clearer and off course, she made her door opened in commemoration of her sixty birthday bash amid fun recently..
Press Crew led by the Publisher Veno news, SANYA OJO and DELE ADEOYE had an encounter with her. Enjoy

Q: Congratulations on your 60th birthday, How did you feel?
A: I feel very happy, was a lone child of my mother. During her existence, she wanted me to get married in time in order to see my children and I prayed to God to give me grace to be 40.. However, when I clocked 40, I marked it in elaborate way..Now, at 60, I was happy despite one or two challenges, still, I marked it to show gratitude to God for sparing my life and for being wonderful.

Q; Can you shed more light on your charmanship ambition in Ifo Local Government?

A: I have involved in politics since 1999 and this is not the first time I am contesting but this time around, God has ordained it
Thus, the former governor of Ogun State, Olusegun Osoba during his tenure appointed me as one of the boards of Olabisi Onabanjo University. Thereafter, I vyied for the chairmanship slot , I won but rigged out by the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) and by his grace, I will be the next chairman of the local government.

Q: Sojourn In Politics?
Politics required a lot of patience and determination. You would not failed and be discouraged. I have always have it in mind that come what may, I want to serve my people and that has been my driving force. Also, the interest of my people always at the center of my mind and with God on my side, this is my time and I am going to deliver

Q: How are you coping being a grassroot politician in harsh economy?

A: My door always open to everybody from morning till night and God will not allow any bad things to happen. Some come in for financial assistance, support, advise and words of encouragement. Atimes, I abandoned my car, take a walk to know their feelings and plans what to do for them.

Q: If you emerge as the chairman, what are your plans?

A: Like I said, I have being in politics since 1999 and I have my blue prints.His Excellency, Dapo Abiodun saw what I have in mind, providing fire service station in Ifo and constituency II which is far before getting there it is either, you pass through Lagos or papa Lantoro, passing through Ewekoro local government..I have been thinking of building two fire stations .The indefatigable Governor Abiodun has done one and work in progress for the fire station in constituency 11 for my people.
Infact, the governor always allign with the National’s directives before any action.

Also, I will provide Library as you all know that books are very expressive and youths need to be engaged in order to reduce thugery and street menance. Many of our youths wanted to read but their parents have no money.
In the same vein, plans are on ground to build recreational center where people can converge and mini stadium where people can develop their talents.
Women are not left out, we are planning training and retraining for them to divert their business in area of soap making , sewing and other empowerment programs. The youths will be trained in all area of businesses and empower them.

Q: Assessment of Gov.Dapo Abiodun?

A: He is a silent achiever and I appreciate him. He once told us that his government will be all inclusive and he has done that. He equally promised that he would complete all abandoned projects of the previous government because tax-payers money have been spent and he has been trying to ensure the work proceeds. I prayed God give him more strength to do more for his people

Q: Herdsmen/Farmers Crisis, What is your take?

A: In my own view , our traditional rulers should be involved. They know the nooks and crannies and should know how to manage the crisis for peace to reign. Although, Federal Government is trying its best, Nigeria is a diverse nation. Therefore, traditional rulers should be involved and join hands with Amotekun and other groups.No hiding place to perpetrate crime in the grassroot once they (traditional rulers) are involved and all of them can be checked for normalcy to return.
Q Can you talk on politics of the past and now?

A: When I joined politics in 1999, we respected our leaders but now, the youths are not capable.They don’t have voter’s card let alone of voting on election day. They won’t come out to vote. In a nutshell, the youths are not prepare for the task ahead and it is a pity. Regarding the #endsars? It took the youths a lot of time to present leader to discuss with the government. They are not prepared and our leaders have more experience to deliver..
Internet is going beyond reparing things and they would stay indoor and disseminate fake news that can cause disunity. If there is no today and there will be know tomorrow..
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