We Acted On Court Judgement – Isheri Royal Family

More insights have emerged on how a 75 – year- woman Mrs Kehinde Agbetomije and other land owners in the Idimu area of Lagos State lost their lands to the neighbouring Isheri community .

The people of Isheri had in 2012 after a protracted court battle that lasted for thirty two years (32) regained and taken over a large expanse of land ,after a High Court pronounced them as the rightful owner .

The Isheri royal family ,while responding to allegation of land grabbing against the town and Prince Idris Oluomo by Mrs Agbetomije accused the woman of not only appealing for pity and sympathy but also not saying the truth .

The people of Isheri also wondered why the woman will rush to the media ,when the matter is already before the Lagos State Task Force on Land grabbing and the police.

Spokesperson of the royal family Saeed Olowu told newsmen that “first let me start by saying that you cannot steal ,what belongs to you .Mama (Mrs Agbetomije ) is an old woman and we won’t like to join issues with her but she knows that her husband bought the land from the wrong person ..The court had ruled on that .”

Olowu narrated that “Mama in the video said that she bought the land from the Olorunfumi family but she is also aware that the Oba of Isheri ,Oba Wahab Ayinde Balogun and the people of Isheri got a judgement against the Olorunfumi .The court declared the Isheei people as the rightful owner .”

He also continued that ” in 1978 ,the family sold an acre of land somebody and he paid but ,when it was time for him to take possession,the Olorunfumi family stopped him ,claiming to be owners of the land “

“Because we didn’t want any clash and problem ,we told the buyer to wait and we approached the court in a matter with the No ID/ 488/80 but the case lingered for long”.

The family member also stated that” while the case was on, the Olorunfumi family ,who are a party in the suit kept on selling the land,despite the warning to the prospective buyers .”

” Eventually in 2012 , a Lagos high court ,Holden in the Lagos Judicial Divison and presided over by Justice Lawal Akapo ruled in favour of Oba Wahab Balogun of Isheri as the owner of the land in question.”

He also continued that ” by virtue of the court judgement ,we announced to people,who had already built houses on the land and there was no superior judgement ,we took possession”

“The man ,who had six plots in 1978 moved in and only two of those plots were still vacant ,we told him to take possession of the two until ,when we decide on what to do next.”

Olowu stated “one of the two vacant plots was the one Mama was claiming to have bought from the Olorunfumi family but instead of presenting receipt or any proff of ownership for the two plots as claimed ,she only presented a receipt for one plot .”

“What Mama should know is that they bought the land from the wrong people and there is a court judgement against the people,who sold the land to her family .”the family spokesperson said .

“Mama should also do their investigations right .Idris Oluomo has no interest in the said land .The land had been sold before 1979 .” Olowu also advised .


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