The night before he was officially decorated with his new rank of Lt-Gen, I met with our new chief of army staff, Ibrahim Attahiru in Abuja. It was an opportunity for me to listen to the army chief one to one. An undoubted smooth talker, he reminds me of retired Major General Ike Sanda Nwachukwu by his erudition and elocution. He outlined his mission and thanked me for my work. He also said I looked like his younger brother.

” Babajide I have got to thank you for your work for our nation. Your analysis on the military are so spot on. You are so full of knowledge. How did you come to know so much about the armed forces? Listening to you one will be convinced that you went to a military school. I am a regular watcher of your programme and your big fan. We are desperate to succeed. The war against terror is a winnable one and we count on your support as one of the most respected journalists in our country”, he said.

I told him that as a kid I had been reading military literature and that I still do that today, being a knowledge hunter. I assured him he could count on my support and could trust me to continue to do my job professionally.

May God grant the Nigerian Army under Lt. Gen Ibrahim Attahiru, victory over Boko Haram and the bandits seeking to bring our country to its knees.


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