Beleaguered Nation: World Igbo Congress Backs ESN… Denounces Ebube Agu As Security Ruse….Wants South East Governors To Sue Buhari

The apex socio-cultural group of Ndigbo in Diaspora, World Igbo Congress, has thrown its weight behind the Eastern Security Network (ESN), established by the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The highly respected Igbo group in Diaspora, made this declaration in statement jointly signed by their Chairman and Public Relation Officer, Prof. Anthony Ejiofor and Basil Onwukwe, respectively.

The statement titled, “Beleaguered Nation: Time to come straight with Ndigbo,” denounced the formation EbubeAgu Security outfit by Southeast Governors recently describing as a ‘Security Ruse’ which is dead on arrival.

They observed that the announcement of the security outfit by the governors in the South East, after a lopsided Security meeting presided over by Security officers in government from other ethnic extraction, is more like a “sickening and putrid ruse over the eyes of Ndigbo”.
World Igbo Congress noted with dismay that a situation where no Igbo son or daughter is in charge of Nigeria Security architecture in the southeast makes it extremely difficult for such Security outfit backed by Federal Government Security agents dominated by Fulanis, who are ‘heavily armed jihadists on rampage all over the country” cannot guarantee the safety and security of Ndigbo in their homeland.

The statement maintained, that World Igbo Congress, speaking on behalf Diaspora Igbo, declares as follows:
“That the EbubeAgu Security ruse is another name for the roundly rejected Security policing floated by the governors awhile back. Consequently, this is a non-starter. We see it as a mitigating effort against any plan by Ndigbo to protect themselves”

Gov. Dave Umahi, Ebonyi State Governor
Chairman, Southeastern Governors

The world acclaimed Organization, which has played to several South East Governors and political leaders in past, insisted ” that no Igbo who genuinely has the interest Security of life and property in Igbo land should be deceived by this scheme. To subscribe to this ruse, is self defeatist and is an abdication of our inalienable rights to self- preservation”.

The strong worded statement, called on all governors of the southeast to “immediately revitalize our ministries of justice to begin to prosecute the violators of ‘open grazing law’ by reactivating our moribund solicitors-general offices. In this way, the marauding Fulani ‘Herdsmen’ will be checked. We do not need the listed Security officers to be breathing down the throats of our governors for this to happen”.

They insist that the southeast Governors must, “as a matter of extreme urgency, sue General Mohammadu Buhari and the Federal Government for his lopsided appointments to the top positions that have been cornered by Fulani to the total exclusion of the Igbo and other ethnic groups. This is a brazen and flagrant violation of ‘Federal Character’ clause of the 1999 Constitution, engineered by the same Fulani.
The objective is to redress the imbalance so that, in the future, the security meetings such as the one held in Owerri on Sunday, will not look like master-servant instructional session”.


Lastly, the group said that “the governors need to work for and earn the confidence of the citizenry of the Igbo land in this matter by putting together a truly people serving Security outfit”.

In the same vein, they declared that “support for the Eastern Security Network (ESN) is a good place to start”.

They warned, that “our leaders must not be seen as tools in the hands of Fulanis who are attempting to annihilate the Igbo, by removal of ESN, which has so far worked to protect the Igbo”



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