My Success Secrets….Ms Obuoforibo, STARZS CEO

STARZS GROUP: Why leadership succeeds- Iroghama
Chief Executive Officer, STARZS Group,Ms  Iroghama  Obuoforibo

… Says ‘I was Prepared for Leadership!’***

The Chief Executive Officer, STARZS Group, Ms  Iroghama  Obuoforibo has stressed the importance of leaders being adequately prepared, before taking up the mantle of leadership.

She made the observation, while taking a bird’s eye view on what makes leadership succeeds, against the backdrop of ‘burden of leadership’; and pitching her experience as a case study, Six months in the saddle.

Specifically she noted, that those who failed in positions of leadership, were often not unconnected, to inadequate preparation, either of the mind, body or both.

The CEO counseled women to see Success from the angle of “opportunity, meeting preparation”, noting that this is perhaps the first requirement to enduring peace of the mind.

She however cautioned against evaluating leadership from only a perspective of ‘business as usual’, emphasizing the stress of mental and psychological pressures, even if there was an adequacy of preparation.

“Because now, the buck stops at your table; literally, it stops at your table!”

She maintained that if leadership would realise that the fate of the organisation, workers and their dependants is in their hands, they  would work harder, sleeplessly charting noteworthy directions for the greater good of the organisation.




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