Exactly 10 years ago, VENO International Magazine, news powered by the truth berthed as a media outfit in Nigeria. The birth of VENO was predicted by two great men of God, Late Prophet Duromola Adedayo Samuel of a blessed memory and Woli Christopher Omotayo (Baba Majemu) CCC, Majemu Oluwa Parish.

.The Prophecied of Woli Christopher Omotayo came 15 years ago when he informed me “Sanya” I see you with a magazine, stop working for people..

Thereafter, I started praying and working towards the dream. Although, I have been in Journalism for the past 20 years having worked in various media houses and the last place I worked was the defunct News Star Newspaper which I resigned voluntarily.

My resignation paved way for your darling Magazine, VENO- news powered by the truth and the name coined out of Love. I remember vividly some weeks before resignation, I was with the Late Prophet D.A.Samuel in an hotel at Allen Avenue when he dropped the bombshell, “go and resign your appointment with News Star with immediately effect and commenced a magazine and ready to support” he commanded. He stood by us until he departed this sinful word. What a huge Loss!

The journey began in 2011 despite the ups and downs couple with the challenges of investigative Journalism, I have been arrested, detained by the security operatives in order to know the source of our story which against the ethic of Journalism

From the onset, we came up with a magazine and weekly taploid but we later dropped the weekly to focus more attention as advised by a banker, Mr. Henry Semitinary.

Despite the competition in the industry,VENO is coming out in hard copy every forth night on the stable of VENO Global Communications Limited and the beat goes on.

VENO is on website, twitter@venosanya, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube
VENO International Magazine has been giving back to the society through our annual project “Break Fast With Veno”. We joined hand to assist government to cushion the effects of stay at home in Abuja and Ogun State Nigeria respectively by providing a breakfast for our neighbors on two different occasions in 2020 during the pandemic which eventually gave birth to an annual project tagged “Breakfast With Veno”.

Again, on March 20, 2021, another edition was held where the management gave free food, and health officer who taught on health related issues to the people while looking forward for the next year edition Therefore, we crave for your support.

The reason being that when we embarked on the journey 10 years ago, it was with so much trepidation and uncertainty. But see how far the Almighty God has been to us. Indeed, we are very, very grateful to Him.

“We are grateful to all our staffers and supporters, readers and advertisers.

“Above all, we are grateful to God for bringing us this far in an industry with a high mortality rate. Our staffers, both those that have moved on and those still with us, are all appreciated.”

Moreso, the medium has given birth to a prayer centre known as VENO Prayer Centre a k.a Mountain of Covenant where believers gathered every Wednesday for a weekly program.
God bless you all

Pro. Elder Sanya Ojo
Publisher, VENO International Magazine

NB: In commemoration of the 10th year anniversary, 3 in 1 event will hold on Saturday, July 10th, 2021



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