The creation of Abia 30 years ago was welcomed with alot of optimism as the present Abia of old Imo State was crying for attention.

The joy was so palatable that many concluded that Abia will be the pride of the igbo race . This assertion was because of the creativity and ingenuity of the people of Abia. It is a known fact that Aba was an integral part of old Imo economy and losing such economic centre was one of the negatives of state creation project of the military for NDE OLD IMO.

After 30 years of creation .How has the journey been.We have made little progress but substantially stagnant as most States created same period like Delta,Kastina etc have done much better than where we are today as a State.

We have capacity to do better than where we are today.Abia is in dire need of patriotic Abians that are willing to sacrifice for the growth and development of the State.

The current administration just like successive ones have done what you can call their best but we are still very behind. We have always believed that Abia is not beyond redemption.With focused and dedicated leadership wrapped with selflessness and focus.
Abia will surely rise again.

We encourage every body to get involved in the political process that will enthrown people’s government and not for few come 2023.

Congratulations to Abians @ 30.

By: Obinna Oriaku



First Bank

First Bank
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