Enugu-Ezike: The Place To Get The Most Faithful Wife In Nigeria As Any Woman Who Cheats On Her Husband Runs Mad Immediately

Enugu-Ezike in Igbo-Eze North local government area of Enugu state, is a place Endowed with rich cultural heritage.

In terms of Food, they’re mostly known for their delicious Okpa, Otipri(made from maize) and Achịcha (produced from dried cocoyam). They have good palmwine that you can use to dilute this various delicacies and they equally love and respect strangers.

The unique nature of their culture distinguished them from other parts of Enugu and Nigeria as a whole.

As a married woman from Enugu-Ezike, you’re not allowed to cheat on your husband, no matter how unsatisfying your husband may tend to be, unless you quit the marriage. This very custom is been inculcated into every girl child born in this part of the world and this is why even in a relationship they tend to be very loyal and faithful.

If you’re a married woman and you go contrary to this custom, you will automatically go mad and would only recover when you eventually confess to the village elders and your husband’s people, failure to do this might lead to the woman’s death.

This very custom, it is understood, has actually made a lot of ladies from this place to be very homely, responsible and faithful and once you are married to them, just feel free because nobody will share your wife with you especially in this time when infidelity in marriage is now common.

Meanwhile, a lot of people have argued that this tradition only favors the men against the women as there’s no such thing in existence to checkmate husbands who cheat on their wives.



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