Africans, Nigerians Must Drive Towards Excellence’

Sierra Leone Boardroom Chief, Sally Khatumal

Barrister Sally Hamilton Vinod-Khatumal is the Chairman, NP Sierra Leone, the West African country’s largest oil trade and marketing company. She is also the country’s acting Chairman, Ecobank – the transnational bank that straps the continent like a colossus.

Khatumal is on two weeks personal visit to Nigeria, a part of which she spent as the lead speaker on excellence and the need for Nigerians, and indeed all Africans to eschew mediocre mind sets in politics, parenting, academics, religion, corporate governance and personal living.

Speaking at the annual Celestial Showers 10XBetter Convention in Yaba, Lagos at the behest of the Celestial Church of Christ, PraiseVille on Saturday January 29, Khatumal said, “My intention is to encourage the spirit of excellence in us as Africans, so as to inspire everyone, regardless of your faith or what part of the African continent you may come from. We must all strive to be the best at whatever we do right.

“Excellence is actually work in progress and when you become the best, you cannot be complacent for that breeds mediocrity, which is the enemy of excellence. Young Africans must strive to be the best in academics, their careers, in business, sports, entertainment and different professions. But we should also know that the road to being the best can be hard, painful and sacrificial” said Khatumal.

From left Dr. Kunle Hamilton, Mrs. Sally Hamilton Vinod-Khatumal, Ms. Toyosi Ogunseye and Prof. Temitope Jaiyeola at the Celestial Showers 10XBetter Convention 4.0 hosted by CCC PraiseVille, Lagos, recently

Mrs. Vinod-Khatumal is also the Founder and Managing Partner, IVY Law Chambers, Sierra Leone and Law Tutor, Council of Legal Education Sierra Leone Law School.

Also speaking at the 2022 Convention, which is its fourth edition, were Ms. Toyosi Ogunseye and Prof. Temitope Jaiyeola. Ogunseye is the new Head of News and Commissioning of the BBC World Service, London. She’s a Mandela Washington Fellow, two-time CNN African Journalist of the Year and Nigeria’s most decorated journalist with over 35 professional awards.

Jaiyeola is a Professor of Mathematics at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife and Head, Nigerian Branch of the Neutrosophic Science International Association, University of New Mexico, USA. He won the 2022 Chebyshev Grant for the International Congress of Mathematicians, Russia. He is the Staff Adviser to the Celestial Church of Christ Students’ Parish, OAU.

Song ministers at the Convention 4.0 were Qhemmy Onasanya, CCC PraiseVille Echoes with Aaretivity Toba and the Seyifunmi Olakiigbe-led CCC Ikorodu Central Choir.

The all-day Celestial Showers 10XBetter Convention 4.0 was hosted by the Shepherd-in-Charge, CCC PraiseVille, Dr. Kunle Hamilton over the weekend. In his opening remarks, the veteran media practitioner and life coach said, “All Christians around the world would be wise to see what is special about Year 2022. It is a year of supernatural return into the divine favours of the biblical Garden of Eden.

“The secret lies in the configuration of this year, where the sum of 2+0+2+2 is 6 and the bible records 6 as the number of mankind for man was created on Day 6 when God described His own feat as ‘very good.’ Therefore, for all believers, 2022 is our ‘Year of Goodness’ or if you prefer, our ‘Return to the Goodness of Eden.’

“It is upon this premise of goodness that our wonderful guests from England, Ms. Toyosi Ogunseye and Ms. Yetunde Odebiyi, Prof. Temitope Jaiyeola from Ile-Ife, and our lead speaker from Sierra Leone, Mrs. Sally Hamilton Vinod-Khatumal crafted their thematic spectrum of the superlatives ‘From Good to Better to Best’ and their delivery was impeccably brilliant as our YouTube videos and viral clips show” Hamilton said.



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