Come, Let Us Criticize Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies

One important emphasis in the Gospel is prophetic fulfillment, and this always happens in order to fulfill what God has said through the prophet.

Prophets, it is known, serve two important functions. First, they are preachers of righteousness. Much of their preaching is intended to call people to be faithful to what God has already revealed through His Word. Second, they foretell things that would come to pass.

Like the famous Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, who earns a unique authority through the predictive nature of his ministry, when a prophetic prediction is fulfilled, it is one strong proof that prophets indeed do speak from God

Within the space of 14 days, six major prophetic messages from about fifteen released last December by Ayodele in the 2021 edition of his yearly prophecy handbook called ‘Warning To The Nation’ have come to pass. This is a clear signal that, just like in biblical times, the same God who relayed His messages through prophets, is still calling the prophets.

That being the case, it is not enough to criticize prophets. As we learn more about prophets, we certainly will come to understand that God still speaks to the world today and that you can more closely follow Him and find greater happiness by listening to prophets’ warnings. We should also appreciate the fact that, while God’s commandments never change, the world we live in is always changing. Different periods of time have each brought new circumstances and unique challenges. So, prophets do receive direction from God to help people navigate new challenges and situations.

Amongst fulfilled divine warnings made by Primate Ayodele is the health challenge of Nigerian top politician and a leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Bola Tinubu. Ahead of his declaration to contest for Nigeria’s presidency in 2023, Ayodele had warned mid last year that Tinubu should not contest but stay back and tend to his failing health. At the time the servant of God gave his warning, Tinubu had yet to travel to London for knee surgery.

In April 2021, Ayodele foretold changes in Nigeria’s general elections dates. True to his message, the ruling APC government has announced new dates to elect president and other elective officers.

Before the Russia/Ukraine war came to the fore, Primate Ayodele had foreseen “massive destruction that will affect other countries.” Specifically on page 12 of the prophecy booklet, Primate Ayodele stated that; “the spirit of God said to me that the two nations (Russia and Ukraine) must be careful as regards the crisis between them otherwise it will escalate and cause great problems. I foresee that world leaders will intervene for the crisis to be resolved.’ Likewise, the INRI Ministry leader warned of the crisis between Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, Williams Ruto, in June 2021. So far, Kenyatta has endorsed an opposition figure, Raila Odinga for presidency against the choice of his second-in-command.

Also, on Page 13 of the booklet, Ayodele revealed that Queen Elizabeth of England would fall sick and that she needed prayers for her health. Specifically, he said; “I foresee that the monarch (Queen Elizabeth) will fall sick. She needs prayers for her health. Prince Charles needs prayers against activities of blackmailers.” And very lately; a day before the fire incident at Ladipo Market in Lagos State happened, the servant of God had warned during a Sunday service special intercession. He said; “I foresee a fire incident in markets around Oshodi and church members should please pray that it shouldn’t happen.” Of course, prayers were said. Although, it did happen but on a minimal scale which was credited to prayers said to avert it.

Prophetic fulfillment, however, is not always immediate. For instance, prophecies mentioned in Matthew’s Gospel were often given years before they came to pass. And a true prophet is friends with the poor and the powerless, one of Ayodele’s assets as a humanitarian prophet.

-by Folorunsho Hamsat, a Lagos based journalist



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