Yes, While it’s Wisdom to Plan, It’s Senseless Planning on What You Cannot Control

You can control your actions but you can’t control the consequences. While the Fulanis may think that they have emasculated and castrated the leadership of these ethnic groups, (who have sworn allegiance to serve them and others outside the government, whom they gave money for contracts and asked not to execute them, so as to pin EFCC on them, once they open their mouths), they did not factor in, the revolution that the youths of these ethnic groups are coming up with.

Revolution that will bring a serious shake up in our political system. A revolution, activated, precipitated and triggered by the force of hope and assurance which Peter Obi, the Flag Bearer of The Labour Party, has come to personify and epitomize.

Peter Obi has begun a Movement that has even gone beyond him. In him, the people are seeing hope, honesty, integrity, prudence, accountability, intelligence and human feelings! In him, they genuinely believe Nigeria will rise again.

They believe supporting Peter Obi is not helping him but helping themselves and taking back their country, their only country.

Never in the history of Nigerian politics has a presidential candidate been this accepted to the point that the electorates are spending their own resources for him rather than the candidate giving them money for their votes!
They’re convinced that they are investing for themselves not for Peter Obi. That if he becomes President, they are sure of returns on their investments.
That Peter Obi could go to a virgin party and turn it into a Movement and a force in the political arena, shows truly that he makes things happen! That he can build from nothing to something truly confirms that he will indeed turn Nigeria from consumption to production”.

  • Professor Anselam Orumusalem
    Professor of Political Science



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