Man Swims to Safety As Flood Sweeps Vehicles Away In Lagos

Two people are missing after the car they were driving in was swept away by flood water in Lagos.

The incident occurred when a Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle and another Toyota saloon car were swept away in violent flooding at Oyatoki street, Orile Agege in Lagos on Saturday.

The flooding is as a result of  continuous rain witnessed in the city in the last couple of days. According to eyewitness, the two vehicles had three occupants each when they were swept away by the flood resulting from an overflowing canal in the area.

Residents reportedly warned the drivers of the vehicles against driving through the flood water but they ignored the warning. One of the occupants of the SUV swam to safety while residents helped to rescue the other two in the vehicle. One of the passengers of the saloon car also escaped before the car was completely overpowered by the flood but the other two occupants were swept away and are being searched for by state emergency agencies led by the Lagos State Fire Service.

Credit: Ohibaba


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