Prophet (Dr.) Timothy Collins: Exemplary Apostle of Deliverance and Humanitarian Service

Prophet Timothy Collins, General Overseer, Olive Mountain of Prayer and Praise Ministry worldwide has a specific evangelistic mandate to heal and deliver the afflicted from satanic bondage. Today, his church located at No, 50, Ologun Street Ijegun, Ikotun Lagos State is a strong tower where suffering souls flock to for salvation and there, signs and wonders manifest.

This man of God deserves to be celebrated from different perspectives, especially at a time like this when trust is in its lowest ebb. He has put smiles on faces and has become the greatest friend of the poor and downtrodden in society. Apart from his healing and deliverance gifts, Prophet Collins walks tall in several aspects of human endeavours. The story of his life is an excellent demonstration of God’s ability to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

Born in the late 70s in the eastern part of Nigeria, Prophet Collins is said to have spent days in kidnapers den where he made the vow to God that he will serve him forever if released, having continually refused to heed the call to ministry as prompted by the Holy Spirit. His ambition to be successful in life led him to study pharmacy which he practiced before the divine call.

In his word ‘The miracles performed in this church are from God. I do not have any material with me to perform miracles. When I leave my house to the church, what I do is to listen to God’s instructions and directions on what to do in a particular situation that is brought before me. We do not use candle or shed animal blood because Jesus came and died for us and has paid the price for us. If I come to church and God told me that now it is olive oil or water I should use for healing today that is what I will use. You can see that once you hold the water or the Olive oil I will decree the word of God upon it with the word of the mouth and healing takes place. Do not forget that in Ezekiel chapter 37, God ministered onto him to speak to dry, wasted bones. As God is speaking to Ezekiel, the bones are coming to life, so in my church I do what God wants me to do. Honor and glory belong to God. You can understand before we started the ministry God has on many occasions used me to change things in some people’s lives. Those things started in my youth before I received divine calling’. A man’s character is like a flame, it eventually gets exposed no matter how hard it is hidden. This is the feat that has been recorded by Prophet Collins, a perfect gentleman, humble personality who will stop at nothing to engender better living for mankind.

This Apostle of God’s word, who is a philanthropist with humanitarian service has been a source of help to many. He, as a pastor touches and preaches on core areas most men of God would avoid preaching about so they don’t lose their members and constantly warns his members to stay away from sin, especially fornication. To this great man of God, nothing is too big to be given out. This is demonstrated in his ever increasing capacity to give to the indigent in the society. His display of love and care can be seen in his actions, you will always hear him call on needy people within the fold to come forward to be attended to.He is an epitome of simplicity and humility, he isn’t crazy about the titles that most Pentecostal preachers love the most, titles like Archbishop, Bishop, Most Reverend, etc.

He also has zero tolerance for sin and has carved a niche for him as a salvation preacher while the manifestation of the glory of God in his life and the lives of those that come across him. Over the years, he has come to add value in the members of his church and society at large.The testimonies of the lives Prophet Collins has changed over time are endless, unlike most churches where miracles are based on the law of large numbers, he deals with each individual and this has earned him recognition from both people and church leaders across Nigeria. When you encounter him, you cannot but acknowledge his depth and sincere contribution to the positive impact of those living within the community he lives and where his church is located.

Prophet Collins has shown that if life throws lemons on someone, one can make lemonade, not just for his personal consumption, but for the good of all.



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