Abia 2023 Guber Polls: Dr. Alex Otti And Labour Party All The Way….Abians Resolve.

In 24 years of Nigeria’s nascent democracy, the good people of Abia State are still vehemently yearning for a genuine democratic administration
No doubt, the political journey of the state has been very turbulent considering the scorching approaches of past governors in administering Abia. However, in sustaining the call for proper governance, the ball is in the hands of Abians as they troop out once again this year to cast their ballots for their desired governor and to rescue the state from long years of maladies, the Labour Party has strategically put on board, an unalloyed canvasser for truth, justice and equity. An iconic thoroughbred professional and astute political stalwarts, in the person of Dr. Alex Otti.

A former bank executive who is very much in tune with financial and investment proficiency and, an unrepentant humanitarian who cares a lot about people’s welfare. With Alex Otti saddled with the responsibility of steering the ship of Abia State to its dreamed harbour, it is pertinent to DC state here that definitely the story of Abians will not be the same again. Dr. Alex Otti will come on board with ideologies that will grandly transform the state into an enviable status in the comity of states both nationally and internationally. For Abia State to attain transformational heights in the global space, a man like Dr. Alex Otti is desperately needed. This is because he understands the needs of the people. He is so much grounded with the political and economical biologies of Abia State, having thoroughly researched about the philosophical areas of importance for the projected developmental projects included in his life changing manifesto.

Dr. Alex Otti is deeply concerned with the social, financial, economic and overall welfare of Abians who went through lots of dehumanization under the notorious PDP-led government in the state. The PDP’s desperation and frustration which has now led them to be fabricating all kinds of lies to incite Abia workers against the In-coming governor, Dr. Alex Otti, is synonymous with the actions of Slave Masters when their victims want to free themselves from slavery.

Unfortunately, for them, the more they dish out these lies, the more they expose themselves to public ridicule, and of course, the more the unstoppable Alex Otti gathers momentum.

You cannot use medieval strategy of kindergarten propaganda to suddenly win the support of Abians against Alex Otti, especially when these Abians have been victims of your unconscionable and grossly irresponsible leadership.
They can never see you as an emergency friend and see the Alex Otti that has stood by them over the years as an enemy; IMPOSSIBLE.
Alex Otti Loves Abians and has stood by them.
Abians Love Alex Otti and would massively vote for him. Accept this reality and return to your senses.

Adopted and Edited by: Abia Integrity Youths Association (ABIYA).



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