Abia PDP: What Will You Be Remembered For…?

This simple but expedient question is currently ringing louder on daily basis in the minds of Abians and more especially visitors and tourists to the state. Suffice to notify that as the state joins her counterparts in Nigeria for the rescheduled governorship and houses of assembly election on the 18th of March 2023, facts have emerged that eligible voters in Abia State cannot wait for that ordained Saturday to troop out in their mammoth number to massively cast their ballots towards kicking out the ill-fated administration of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Thorough survey conducted by our correspondent revealed that the PDP has lost its integrity and dignity in the vivid mentality of Abians. Dominated by selfish political businessmen and undemocratic elements, the PDP is completely a dream gone soar that brought deluge of sufferings and gnashing of teeth on Abians. As the people now speak in unity, Enough is Enough. A new beginning must erupt and the Labour Party is obviously the only democratic entity that can salvage the people from the tortuous misrule of the PDP junta.

In this guise, all hands must be on the desk to renew the hope of Abians and once again place the God’s own land on the right track. This is our land and we must do everything in our capacity to rescue her from the devilish grip of a party with no authentic vision and mission for our overall development. We are Abians and we love Abia, the Labour Party is coming up with innovative strategies that will galvanize the developmental prospects of our dear state. It is globally established that Abia State is uncommonly blessed with high calibre businessmen and women of international reputation, creative artisans and dogged commercial tycoons who have proven their mettles all around the globe. It is high time we complement the patriotic zeal of sons and daughters of Abia State towards rebuilding and reawakening the ideologies of our people whose technical and technological abilities have been malnourished for several years of negligence governance of the PDP.

Dr. Alex Otti is coming with an intention of fulfilling the dreams of founding fathers of Abia State, strategically develop education, taking holistic approach towards health improvement, working tactically on agricultural development in a way to ensure food security, formulating strategies to sporadic infrastructural growth, synergizing all stakeholder agencies to improve on security of lives and properties, provision of healthy and drinkable water, ensuring multi-lateral relations with necessary arms of government and the diplomatic corps amongst other 21st century modern democratic trends etc.

March 18 is the date Abians will decide their fates and end the above question by storming their polling units enmasse to cast their votes for Dr. Alex Otti of the Labour Party for a better Abia State of their dream.
Remember, your PVC is the only decisive weapon you have to show a final red card to a party(PDP), that sees the development of Abia state as a taboo.



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