For the very first time in Nigerian political history, we have people from very humble family background, with no god-father, no deep pocket, people who would ordinarily find it very difficult paying the outrageously high cost of the nomination form of any of the big political parties…..under the OBIDIENT MOVEMENT, we have this type of people getting our form, contesting and OVERWHELMINGLY defeating all their opponents by margins that are far too wide to contemplate.

In Kaura federal constituency in Kaduna State, yes, Nasir El-Rufai ‘s Kaduna state, Donatus Mathew, AN OKADA RIDER from Kpak, Kagoro chiefdom in Kaura L.G.A, won election to the House of Representatives under the platform of the OBIDIENT MOVEMENT (Labour Party). He defeated the PDP, APC and NNPP.

Ask yourself, would it ever have been possible for an Okada rider to even get a chance to run for ordinary local govt chairman?? How much do you have to pay for the form? Which god-father do you have? In Odumeje’s voice, how do you form? Mind you, Mr. Mathew has all the necessary qualifications. In fact, he graduated from the Saint Albert Institute with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Still, he would never have risen to this height under the other political parties.

But under our movement, WE MADE THIS HAPPEN.

A son of nobody became a somebody without knowing anybody!

Also in Enugu State, under the Obidient Movement, Labour Party, A BUS DRIVER and member of the LOCAL VIGILANTE, Mr.Chimaobi Sam Atu scored 65,247 votes to demolish the incumbent PDP member, Offor Chukwuegbo who scored only 7,617 votes.

Kindly check the wide margin again.

Mind you, Mr. Chimaobi has a bachelor’s degree from ESUT. So he’s academically qualified but still, due to his background and the fact that he’s not the son of former this and former that, the PDP or APC would never have considered him for the position of being a federal lawmaker.

But you, 4 PEOPLE TWEETING IN A ROOM, without a structure, you made this happen!

This is you establishing real democracy – GOVERNMENT OF THE people, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Not govt of a few elites who treat the people like slav€s.

And this is why you must sustain this political revolution by going out enmass to vote on March 18. Vote and stay put until your votes are counted AT THE POLLING UNIT LEVEL. I emphasized the polling unit because that is the purest and most pristine source of every election result. Once you have all your polling unit results showing that you won, even the most compromised judge will have no choice but to declare you winner.

Dear OBIDIENT, you may not realize it but you have started a bloodless revolution whose positive effects will be felt by generations unborn.

You see those politicians who have been ruining your lives but are suddenly running kitikiti, begging and trying to identify with you, doing everything to appease you, that shows they’ve now realized that you all have discovered how powerful you are. In the name of all that is holy, please squeeze the neck of those fraudulent crooks and suff0cate them with your PVCs come this Saturday. Bury their illicit ambition and create a new order premised on SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE as against PREBENDALISM. Vote for OBIDIENT candidates and watch them answer to you. They have already been forewarned by Mr. Obi that the same hurricane that brought them in will sweep them away if they disappoint the people.

Come March 18th, you have the chance to end your political slavery and reclaim the most fundamental of all rights – the right to restore your dignity by choosing your own representative instead of being forced to validate people foisted on you via fraudulent primary election. What you do with this unique opportunity is yours to decide!

By Charles Ogbu



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