London 02 vs AO Arena: Why Should This Trend?

Our musician take turns to pack O2 arena out, Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa, Burmaboy, name them, but then, something unusual hit London! AO arena is bigger than the 02 arena and that’s what Joshua Selman chose to trampled down, but it makes no headlines!

Our carnality as christians is again manifest. Those celebrating it are seeing what Selman has done. The envious camp are like why should it be Selman, some are coating their envy with spirituality, “God is not in a crowd”. Yes! But,
Joh 6:44a No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him…KJV

Ok, let’s even say is Selman’s human wisdom that beat down the best from the world of entertainment. Isn’t that enough a reason to say praise the Lord and then thank God for our brother?

The last time I checked the prince of this world is still Satan and the system is screwed towards what is of benefits to him and his kingdom.

No man of God without carnal adventurism will tactically play down what the world witnessed of our kingdom in London. If you have, it’s an indication of spiritual ineptitude. May God forgive you. You don’t have to envy your brother to demean his accomplishment and make lite of what God is doing. God is God of all, that feat doesn’t have to be a product of the anointing, you might be more anointed with deeper depth in the word. But there is something to learn from Selman.

If you have been part of organizing a big meeting before, you will know what it takes to structure a meeting of that magnitude. A meeting outside of entertainment in a structured system pulling this attendance is commendable.

Apostle Joshua Selman shut down the biggest indoor arena in the UK for your King and mine; JESUS! And you want social media to trend it! Why should their kingdom trend the effort of your kingdom in their space?

However; trending or not, unto the Lord has the gathering of his people be; Shiloh!

God got the glory. Jesus is glorified!

Congratulations Apostle Joshua Selman!
Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi



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